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Our Team

Lauren gets a Molly kiss

I started Love 4 Paws with my American Water Spaniel, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, in mind. She's the apple of my eye, the Abbot to my Costello, my partner in crime and of course, my best friend. She isn't perfect; her shake is more like a low five and contrary to all hope she absolutely abhors the water. Of course all that makes her even more endearing. When I can't be with her I want her to be just as spoiled, just as loved as she usually is. That's the kind of care Love 4 Paws provides. Our philosophy is "love the one you're with!"

Suzanne and Lady D snuggle up

Suzanne shared her childhood with two brothers, two sisters, a couple of sweet beagles, and one very determined Irish Setter. Later, while working at a puppy store, she fell hard for an adorable cocker spaniel. Suzanne and Sir Daulton would spend the next 11 years together, with Daulton successfully warding off all suitors that came her way. Today, Lady D is the apple of her eye and occupier of her lap. Suzanne has been pet sitting and dog walking others' fur kids since 2006 and, when she's not walking and tending to her furry friends, she enjoys cooking, camping, hiking, kayaking, supporting local music, personal growth and being a bed for Lady D.

Cathy A. keeps Katie and Cooper calm, if only for a moment!

Cathy A. has been a dog “mom” for more than 20 years—her current children are two lively Brittanys: Katie, 11, and Cooper, 4, who came to Cathy and her husband from American Brittany Rescue. Cathy is currently transitioning from a 30-year corporate career and is excited to join the Love 4 Paws team to make new friends, both four and two legged.

Raising four puppies for The Seeing Eye has brought great joy to Lauren and her family. Although raising puppies is hard work, they have discovered purpose and pride in raising puppies who become guides and companions to blind partners. When Lauren's last

Seeing Eye puppy, Kami, did not have the confidence to guide the blind, Lauren and her family happily adopted her. Lauren knows providing Kami with the exercise and stimulation she needs is important Kami's health and happiness and Lauren looks forward to providing the same to the furry clients of Love 4 Paws.

Lauren C. and Kami sit and smile serenely

Sue and Maggie gear up for a good, long walk

Hardly ever without a canine companion at her side, Sue is a passionate dog lover. Over the years she's owned many golden retrievers and a brittany spaniel, though she now shares her home and heart with her chocolate labrador, Maggie May. Sue enjoys visiting the beach, reading and gardening, and of course, playing with Maggie and with Maggie’s best friend Rexi. Sue is as loyal to Love 4 Paws as any dog is to their owner.